Vincent PELLAS

Research Area

Core-shell nanoparticles, Synthesis, Surface Functionalization, Bioapplications

PhD Subject

Elaboration of silica coated gold nanorods (AuNR@SiO2) – Towards versatile nanoplatforms for biomedical applications


Core shell AuNR@SiO2 nanorods are hybrid nanocomposites of great interest for their use In bioimaging, targeted drug delivery, photothermal therapy and biosensing. Silica as an outer shell coating material is known to improve the colloidal and thermal stability while sustaining the optical properties of the core. It can then be used as a nanoplatform for further functionalization or bioconjugation.

We envision in this project two applications of the core-shell material: in one hand the development of an efficient colorimetric biosensor for life style monitoring including detection of toxins in complex media. A thin silica shell will preserve the LSPR sensitivity to local changes in refractive index of the media. On the other hand AuNR with controlled silica thickness and pore organization will be used to encapsulate therapeutic agents which release can be triggered upon infrared irradiation in photothermal therapies


TEM images of Silica coated gold nanorods with different silica thickness and pore organization

Characterization techniques

UV-Vis, IR, Raman spectroscopies, DLS, Zêta potential, TGA, TEM and SEM.