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Christophe Méthivier


Surface Science


Contact Informations

Mail(s) : christophe.methivier@upmc.fr

Function and attachment

Engineer / CNRS


  • Probing the Binding Mechanism of Peptides on Copper Surface: Multilayer Self-assembly Promoted by Glutamate Residues Methivier Christophe, Lebec Victor, Landoulsi Jessem, Pradier Claire-Marie Pradier., Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2011, 115, 4041
  • L-Methionine adsorption on Cu(110), binding and geometry of the amino acid as a function of coverage. Christophe Méthivier, Vincent Humblot and Claire-Marie Pradier., Surface Science 632 (2015) 88
  • Tuning the Surface Chirality of Adsorbed Gly-Pro Dipeptide/Cu(110) by Changing Its Chemical Form via Electrospray Deposition. Méthivier Christophe, Cruguel Herve, Costa Dominique, Pradier Claire-Marie, Humblot Vincent. Langmuir 32, Issue: 51, 13759-13763 (2016)
  • UHV Deposition of the Gly-Pro Dipeptide on Cu(110) by Sublimation or Electrospray Ionization Méthivier, Christophe, Humblot Vincent, Pradier Claire-Marie. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120, issue: 48, 27364-27368 (2016)
  • Deciphering the Adsorption Mechanisms of RGD Subunits: L-Aspartic Acid on Cu(110) Totani Roberta, Methivier Christophe, Cruguel Herve, Pradier Claire-Marie, Humblot Vincent. Journal of Physical Chemistry C Volume: 121 Issue: 29 Pages: 15842-15850 (2017)

Awards and Distinctions

Cristal 2016


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