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Yannick Millot



The investigation of heterogeneous catalysts by Solid state NMR


Solid state NMR

Contact Informations

Phone : +33 1 44 27 36 32
Mail(s) : yannick.millot@upmc.fr

Function and attachment

Associate Professor


Significants publications
  • Identification of silver state in the framework of Ag-containing zeolite by XRD, FTIR, photoluminescence, 109Ag NMR, EPR, DR UV-vis, TEM and XPS, Nataliia Popovych, Pavlo Kyriienko, Sergiy Soloviev, Rafal Baran, Yannick Millot, and Stanislaw Dzwigaj, P.C.C.P. (2016) 18, 29458-29465.
  • Discrimination of Surface and Bulk Structure of Crystalline Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles by NMR, Ben Osman, Manel; Diallo-Garcia, Sarah; Herledan, Virginie; Brouri, Dalil; Yoshioka, Tetsuya; Kubo, Jun; Millot, Yannick; Costentin, Guylene, J. Phys. Chem. C 119 (2015) 23008-23020.
  • Influence of acid-base properties of Mg-based catalysts on transesterification: role of magnesium silicate hydrate formation, Cornu, Damien; Lin, Longfei; Daou, Maya Mounir; Jaber, Maguy; Krafft, Jean-Marc; Herledan, Virginie; Laugel, Guillaume; Millot, Yannick; Lauron-Pernot, Helene, Catalysis Science & Technology (2017), 7(8), 1701-1712.
  • Incorporation of vanadium into the framework of hydroxyapatites: importance of the vanadium content and pH conditions during the precipitation step, Petit, Sarah; Gode, Thrimurthulu; Thomas, Cyril; Dzwigaj, Stanislaw; Millot, Yannick; Brouri, Dalil; Krafft, Jean-Marc; Rousse, Gwenaelle; Laberty-Robert, Christel; Costentin, Guylene, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2017), 19(14), 9630-9640.
  • Incorporation of Mo into the Vacant T-Atom Sites of the Framework of BEA Zeolite as Mononuclear Mo Evidenced by XRD and FTIR, NMR, EPR, and DR UV-Vis Spectroscopies. Baran, Rafal; Averseng, Frederic; Millot, Yannick; Onfroy, Thomas; Casale, Sandra; Dzwigaj, Stanislaw. J. Phys. Chem. C (2014) 4143-4150.


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