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Laboratoire de Réactivité de Surface
UMR 7197 Sorbonne Université-CNRS

About us

The idea of CMI initiative and Majulab-Paris emerged after observing the French-Singaporean research landscape in terms of institutional collaborations: Singapore is hosting 4 CNRS UMI, and despite the existence of fruitful collaborations in the area of Chemistry, Material and Interfcaes, this topic was not developed in any of the joint French-Singaporean UMIs.

CMI within Majulab-Paris aims at coordinating and articulating the French-Singaporean research activity in the area of chemistry, materials and interfaces (from basic modeling and surface characterization to bio-inspired and bio-analytical applications)



  • February 2015 Discussion initiated: Prof. Ling San (Dean College of Science), Prof Subbu Ventrakaman (Chair School of Material Science and Engineering) and Prof. Freddy Boey (Provost), Paul Indelicato (VP Research UPMC) Bo Liedberg and Souhir Boujday


  • 2 meetings in Paris (23 March 2015 & 11 May 2015 Discuss the joint collaboration with institutions

CNRS representatives: Physics (Alan Schuhl and Niels Keller) Chemistry (Pascal Breuilles and J-François Tassin)

UPMC representatives: Paul Indelicato, Souhir Boujday, Florence Babonneau, Corinne Aubert

NTU representatives: Bo Liedberg, Ling San


  • 1st Workshop in Paris (28/09/2015 – 02/10/2015) Identifying the Relevant topics & generating additional collaborations

20 NTU Faculties
40 UPMC participants

His Excellency Mr Zainal Arif MANTAHA Ambassador of Singapore in France


  • 2nd Workshop in NTU (02/06/2016 – 04/06/2016)

Strengthen the existing collaborations and foster the emergence of new ones

15 UPMC Faculties
32 NTU participants

His Excellency Mr Benjamin DUBERTRET Ambassador of France in Singapore


  • January 2017

Extension of Majulab to UPMC through the creation of the axis CMI Chemistry, Material & Interfaces

  • February 2018

Creation of Majulab-Paris mirror site of Majulab in Sorbonne University


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