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Laboratoire de Réactivité de Surface
UMR 7197 Sorbonne Université-CNRS

Material Science & Nanotechnologies @ BioInterfacesInternational & Interdisciplinary graduate courses

MatNanoBiois an Interdisciplinary & International Graduate Master2 with courses taught in English intended for students with either Chemistryor Physics background.

MatNanoBiois jointly organized by University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris and NTU (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) with the support of the International Research lab, Majulab, and the company, HORIBA

MatNanoBiooffers a truly inter-disciplinary course at the frontier of Material Science, Nanotechnologies and BioInterfaces, which will allow the students to communicate efficiently in an ever-increasing multidisciplinary research environment.

MatNanoBio provides the highest formation in physical chemistry, bioInterfacesand optical instrumentation so that students will either apply in companies related to biochemistry, medical instrumentation, pharmacology, or pursue a university career with a PhD thesis.


Courses/Academic Units

A common base of 3 courses (see below) complemented with 2 elective courses that can be chosen among 5 options.



 Year 1

 August December

 January March

April August

Sorbonne Université Students

 M1S1 courses @ SU

 M1S2 courses @ SU

 Intership @ NTU

 NTU Students


 Doctoral program @ NTU


Year 2

 September January

 February July

 Sorbonne Université Students

 M2S1 courses @ SU

 Intership @ SU or NTU

 NTU Students

 2 courses & Lab work @ SU

 Lab Work @ SU


Courses content

Material Surfaces @ the BioInterfaces

  • Surface (planar and nanoparticles) composition, modification, reactivity (adsorption & functionalization)
  • Characerization techniques
  • Applications in biosensing, preventing biofouling, and medicine
  • Plymer coating of nanoparticules, stimuli-responsive polymers, self-assembly, drug delivery & biosensing
  • Biomolecules structure
  • Chemical modification of biomolecules
  • Coupling, reactions etc.

Nano-optics and advanced optical techniques for chemistry & biointerfaces

  • Optics and electromagnetism of surfaces and interfaces. Plasmonics and applications to biodetection.
  • Spectroscopy for chemistry and bio-systems. Microscopy and applications to biology
  • Some advanced optical instruments

Biomimetics & Biotecnologies

  • Biological materials : introduction, charectization techniques
  • Most abudant load-bearing protein: collagen. Physical processing of silks.
  • Bioelestomers. Sclerotized proteins and structures. Natural adhesives. Biomimetic synthesis.
  • Cages/Nanomedicine, Biophysics


Financial Support

MatNanoBioMaster received special support from various institutions and will be able to offer several grants for supporting internship in foreign countries.

  • Form@Innov, Sorbonne Universities
  • UPMC & NTU
  • Erasmus/Eurasicatgrants for students
  • LabExMatisse and LabExMichem



Admissions to MatNanoBioare decided by the directors of the master, after examination of the student application and after an interview: face to face or by videoconference, Skype, Hangout.
Candidates must have validated their M1 (physics or chemistry) or have an equivalent level (1st of graduate studies).



Souhir BOUJDAY, Sorbonne Université, Chemistry

Souhir.boujday @

Olivier PLUCHERY, Sorbonne Université, Physics

Olivier.pluchery @


bliedberg @


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