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Nanostructured Surfaces for NanoPlasmonic Devices

Nanostructured Plasmonic surfaces can be generated by both top-down and bottom-up approaches.

For the bottom-up approach, we use gold nanoparticles to nanostructure planar surfaces and engineer plasmonics substrates. We investigated the assembly of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) on various substrates such as gold and silicon with two objectives: (i) understanding the factors governing the interaction and (ii) achieving nanoparticles layers are stable and reliable, which paves the way for their use as nanostructured plasmonic platforms for multiple applications.

The top-down approach is also investigated using clean rooms and electron lithography in collaboration with French and European Labs (INSP, Paris and AIT, Vienna).


Traductions :
      • Or-Nano You-Tube conferences

        A compact 20 min Conference on the couple Antibody/Gold Nanoparticles in the framework of "les conférences digitales Or-Nano", Nice exercice!
        Thanks to the Gdr Or-Nano for the invitation and the sharing ;)
        Below the abstract and the link to the conference


      • Literature review in Biosensors & Bioelectronics on AuNP-Ab Bioconjugates

        How to attach an antibody to AuNP? What strategies and what efficiency? How many Ab can one AuNP accomodate?
        Find some answers to these questions in our literature Review just accepted in Biosensors & Biolectronics tackling Antibody-Gold nanoparticle Bioconjugates for Biosensors applications

      • Webinar at the Tunisian Chemical Society

        Facing the confinement during COVID19 pandemic crisis most conferences switched to webinar, below a link to watch the invited conference on plasmonic nanoparticles for optical Biosensing (in French!)