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My research activities are focused on the synthesis (titanate nanotubes, gold and silver nanoparticles, gold-silver core-shells, gold nanoshells), characterization and functionalization of nanomaterials for biomedical applications, especially in nanomedicine and biosensor areas.

Analysis techniques

TGA – z-potential – DLS – XPS – TEM– IR/UV/Raman – LSPR – QCM-D


TRIOS – Zetasizer/AntonParr – Casa XPS – MultiPak – DigitalMicrograph – ImageJ – OPUS – UV-Probe – Qsoft/Qtools – Insplorer – Endnote – Office – Origin 

Function and attachment

Post-Doctoral Researcher


  • April 2018 – July 2019

Laboratory LRS, Sorbonne University (Paris, France) | Postdoctoral position « Gold-based plasmonic biosensors for small-sized analytes », French-Austrian ANR-FWF program: NanoBioSensor. Successful management of two Master students (five months)

  • 2014 – 2017

Laboratory ICB, Nanosciences Department, (Bio)-Hybrid Nanoparticles & Nanostructures, University of Burgundy (Dijon, France) | PhD in Physical-Chemistry « Titanate nanotubes as versatile nanovectors: radiosensitizers for the treatment of prostate cancer and nuclear imaging probes » in partnership with the Centre Georges François Leclerc, cancer centre of Burgundy (Dijon, France) and the UTINAM Institute at the University of Franche-Comté (Besançon, France). Thesis defense: 15th November 2017


  • Titanate Nanotubes Engineered with Gold Nanoparticles and Docetaxel to Enhance Radiotherapy on Xenografted Prostate Tumors, A. Loiseau, J. Boudon, A. Oudot, M. Moreau, R. Boidot, R. Chassagnon, N. M. Saïd, S. Roux, C. Mirjolet, N. Millot, Cancers, 11(12), 1962 (2019), doi:10.3390/cancers11121962.
  • Core-shell gold silver nanoparticles for LSPR-based naked-eye toxin biosensing, A. Loiseau, L. Zhang, D. Hu, M. Salmain, Y. Mazouzi, R. Flack, B. Liedberg, S. Boujday, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 11(50), 46462-46471 (2019), doi:10.1021/acsami.9b14980.
  • Silver-based plasmonic nanoparticles for and their use in biosensing, A. Loiseau, V. Asila, G. Boitel-Aullen, M. Lam, M. Salmain, S. Boujday, Biosensors, 9(2), 78 (2019), doi:10.3390/bios9020078 (Review).
  • Spatially controlled reduction and growth of silver in hollow gold nanoshell particles, L. Zhang, P. Chen, A. Loiseau, D. Brouri, S. Casale, M. Salmain, S. Boujday, B. Liedberg, Journal of physical Chemistry C, 123, 10614-10621 (2019), doi:10.1021/acs.jpcc.8b11864 (Cover).
  • In vitro interaction and biocompatibility of titanate nanotubes with microglial cells, S. Sruthi, A. Loiseau, J. Boudon, F. Sallem, L. Maurizi, P.V. Mohanan, G. Lizard, N. Millot, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 353, 74-86 (2018), doi:10.1016/j.taap.2018.06.013.
  • Taxane-grafted metal-oxide nanoparticles as a new theranostic tool against cancer: The promising example of docetaxel-functionalized titanate nanotubes on prostate tumors, A. Loiseau, J. Boudon, C. Mirjolet, G. Créhange, N. Millot, Advanced Healthcare Materials, 6, 1700245 (2017), doi:10.1002/adhm.201700245.
  • Docetaxel-titanate nanotubes enhance radiosensitivity in an androgen-independent prostate cancer model, C. Mirjolet, J. Boudon, A. Loiseau, S. Chevrier, R. Boidot, A. Oudot, B. Collin, N. Millot, G. Créhange, International Journal of Nanomedicine, 12, 6357 (2017), doi:10.2147/IJN.S139167.
  • Dispersion of titanate nanotubes for nanomedicine: comparison of PEI and PEG nanohybrids, A.L. Papa, J. Boudon, V. Bellat, A. Loiseau, F. Sallem, R. Chassagnon, V. Bérard, N. Millot, Dalton Transactions, 44, 739-746 (2015), doi:10.1039/c4dt02552k


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