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  • Plasmonic biosensors
  • Colloidal plasmonic nanoparticles
  • Immunoconjugates
  • Metasurface
  • Chiral molecules


UV-Vis spectroscopy, SEM; TEM; PM-IRRAS; Raman spectroscopy; QCM-D; Ellipsometry; E-Beam Lithography.

Contact Informations

Mail(s) : zhanglu@insp.jussieu.fr

Function and attachment

Post-Doctoral Researcher

French and foreign diplomas

Dual-Ph.D. degrees from Sorbonne University and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore): Materials of Physics and Chemistry

Master degree from University Pierre and Marie Curie: Analytical Chemistry

Dual-Bachelor degrees from University of Cergy-Pontoise and Hebei University (China): Chemistry and Polymer Material and Engineering


Traductions :
      • David Hu - Thesis defense

        Congratulations to David for his PhD defense and for his incredible work on Nanocomposites Photocatalysts UCNP@SiO2@ZnO, active under NIR light for wastewater treatment", performed under the supervision of Juliette Blanchard and Souhir Boujday. 

      • Valentin's arrival

        Warm welcome to Valentin for his 3 months Master 1 internship on the "Adsorption of thiolate molecules on gold surfaces" under the supervision of Souhir Boujday and Yacine Mazouzi. 

      • Thesis Defense - Somia Tomane

        Congratulations to Somia Tomane for her thesis defense and for her work on the "Synthesis and characterization of polyoxometallate/mettalic nanoparticles composites for biomedical applications", a work performed in the Institut Lavoisier de Versailles and within our group, under the supervision of Pierre Mialane, Anne Dolbecq, Anne Vallée and Souhir Boujday.