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Bruno Beito


  • Biosensor development
  • Surface Functionnalization & Characterization


  • QCM-D
  • IR Spectroscopy (ATR-IR)
  • XPS
  • Water Contact Angle measurement
  • NanoPlasmonic Spectroscopy

Internship subject 

Plasmonic gold-based biosensor for diclofenac detection

Function and attachment



Traductions :
      • Title story on the front page of Biosensors

        Our review on gold nanorods title story on the front page of Biosensors

      • Article in Nanomaterials

        Our work " Nanostructured and Spiky Gold Shell Growth on Magnetic Particles for SERS Applications ", is now published in Nanomaterials

        link: https://doi.org/10.3390/nano10112136

      • Literature review on Gold Nanorods in Biosensors

        Check our up-to-date overview of gold nanorods in LSPR biosensing. We start from synthesis and coating with a silica shell of controlled thickness and porosity, then, we discuss surface functionalization to attach various bioreceptors and finally, we review AuNR-based LSPR biosensors and their analytical performances.